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Job Openings

At D-TEAM Engineering, our young and fun-loving culture is perfected with our teams of vibrant and youthful staff. We place our priorities not only on our external relationships with clients and suppliers, but also with our internal staff as we understand how critical their roles are towards contributing to our success.  In here, we are committed to provide them with development and growth throughout their time with the company.

 Within the workplace, we maintain a flat hierarchy structure and encourage smooth communications among the management and staff. Our company also focus on nurturing the right values and ethics onto our employees, providing them with proper guidance for growth. 

As our mission goes “Life is a journey and we'll make your journey cool”, we drive to be a company that provides you your career and not just a job. Let us be the dream team to transform your Moody Mondays into Energetic Mondays.


If you are an individual who aspire to be a part of an innovating team, or have a dynamic character and willingness to learn and excel, we welcome you! 

Our current departments include:

1. Project Team

2. Tender Department

3. Drafting Personnels 

4. Accounting & Finance

5. HR & Admin

6. Contract & Procurement

Your interest in joining our team will embark you onto a journey with a rewarding career.​

Please email us your resume and cover letter (if any) to

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Position Available

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